Codes of Practice in Health Care Essay example

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Codes of practice help classify the quality of care clients can expect if they receive care services and they can be used as a source for measuring the quality of care provided. All care professions have code of practice, some codes of practice mainly give advice and guidance, whereas others can be used to measure the quality of care. A policy is different to a code of practice, as it is set in a particular care setting in a particular place. A code of practice for nursery nurses will be relevant to all nursery nurses working in any care setting. If a nursery nurse works in a nursery, the policy which tells her how to cope with particular circumstances in that pacific nursery may be different to another nursery. Each care setting has…show more content…
As a registered nurse, midwife or health visitor, you are personally accountable for your practice. In caring for patients and clients, you must: - Respect the patient or client as an individual - Obtain consent before you give any treatment or care - Protect confidential information - Cooperate with others ion the team - Maintain your professional knowledge and competence - Be trustworthy - Act to identify and minimise risk to patients and clients These are the shared values of all the United Kingdom health care regulatory bodies. Codes and Practices used at King Fishers Day Nursery The codes and practices used by the service helping client one is ‘Ofsted Standards’. Ofsted Standards Ofsted is the inspection body standards in schools and "early years" child care. "Early years" child care includes: play groups, nurseries, after school clubs, child-minders. The Government is committed to promoting the welfare and development of all our young children. Good quality care and education in the early years raise educational standards and opportunities, and enhance children’s social development. The Government is determined that all child care services, be they new or established, provide a secure and safe environment for children, not least so that parents can have confidence that their children are well looked after. How
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