Codex Alera By Jim Butcher

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“Codex Alera” is a fantasy series written by Jim Butcher, and there are only six books to the series. Unlike Butcher 's “Dresden Files”, “Alera” is swords and horse fantasy that is set in the realm of Alera, a place that is a lot like Rome. It focuses on Tavi, a boy in the first book, as he grows up and becomes a man.

The series features magic in the form of furies. Everyone in this universe can wield them. Furies are spirits that are elemental, and include water, metal, wood, fire, air, and earth. Some are small and some are big, known as Great Furies that appear like volcanoes and oceans and mountains.

The series stars Tavi, the only human that cannot produce furies. Over the course of the series, he learns about himself and why he cannot produce any furies. Tavi is able to outwit people even without furies, but is still often harassed for his lack of skill. At one point in the first book, he gets kidnapped by the Marat and is forced to partake in a trial of wits. He winds up bound to a Marat girl that he later marries. He also learns about his parents.

Besides Tavi, there is Amara and Bernard. Bernard is Tavi 's uncle who later marries Amara. Amara is a Countess, strong with crafting wind and was a Cursor. Amara was struck with the blight that leaves her unable to bear children, something that causes her trouble in her relationship with Bernard because he is a nobleman and it is his obligation to bear children and continue his own line. At first, he and Amara keep…
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