Coding Boot Camps

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These for-profit programs and operating without regulation have been cropping up in response to a swelling market demand for tech workers. Most boot camps promise steady high paying work upon graduation, prompting aspiring coders to invest anywhere from ten thousand to twenty thousand dollars of personal money to enroll. As a nation, we are fostering a gold rush mentality that leads to boot camp with the promise of employment, a promise of strong employment with strong demand and stability and a lot of money. And many people that may get coerced into signing up might end up with a lot of debt and not a lot of job offers.
Coding boot camps are starting to garner skepticism that they cut corners and that they can’t possibly impact just a few months that a coder needs to be effective on the job. They hire their own alums as teaching assistants and eventually teachers to keep their hire rate looking good. Also, they instead teach their students very heavily to the test that recruiters at the big firms are known to give out. The fact is that the specific set of tools and technology they learned will change, which they don’t have the fundamental to pick up a new set of tools and technology. The stigma around this program is that company’s great expectation is unable to hire their graduates because they cannot
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Their difficulty providing affordable, job relevant programming education was the catalyst behind the coding boot camp phenomenon. It is high time they need to do whatever it takes to stay relevant in a landscape where hard skills rule, partnering with organizations born from their shortcomings. They should have a track where students learned hard skills in an immerse environment while taking a second course designed to show them how to apply those hard skills to innovative theories and general computer
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