Coed Prisons

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In 1971, the Federal Bureau of Prisons relocated some low risk woman inmates in an overcrowded Virginia prison to a minimum-security prison in West Virginia that housed young males (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). This was the birth of coed prisons, which house both female and male inmates in one facility (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Cocorrections are how both females and males interact in prison under the guidance of one administration (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). There are approximately 52 coed prisons in America, housing an estimated 23,000 males and 7,000 females (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Since these coed prisons began, it has been argued that they provide a benefit to some correctional problems listed below.
1. Reduces the dehumanizing
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increases the number of program offerings and improves program access for all prison; and
7. expands career opportunity for woman. (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015, p. 348).

IN a twenty year period there was little evidence to suggest cocorrectional prisons are effective in benefiting female prisoners (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). In fact, males have exploited most females before entering prison, and these females continue being exploited in current coed facilities (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Surprisingly, even though single sex prisons have poor results, there is no support to change this format (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).

I believe there is some merit to cocorrectional institutions because it would provide a platform for interacting professionally between woman and men better preparing them for life in society. I think it would be obvious that only low-risk, non-violent offenders should be considered for this program and all participants should have to sign a “contract of respect” which would detail in great length the expected behaviors and interactions considered acceptable. Perhaps, if there is certain measures met, there could be a possibility of reducing time off their sentences as motivation to incorporate respect as a core
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