Coersion and Rape Essay

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Coersion and Rape co-erce ko-ers vb co-erced; co-ercing 1: RESTRAIN, REPRESS 2: COMPEL 3: ENFORCE --co-er-sion -er-zhen,shen n --co-er-cive -er-siv adj rape ^r`ap n 1: a carrying away by force 2: sexual intercourse by a man with a woman without her consent and chiefly by force or deception; also : unlawful sexual intercourse of any kind by force or threat As if the line between normal and acceptable consensual sex and rape wasn't thin enough already, there are those out there that wish to make it an even narrower, less defined and more twisting line to stay on the right side of. It seems as though somehow, somewhere, someone decided that the two terms defined above are in some way related. However, in the manner of…show more content…
His attempt has failed. This is true only because the woman hasn't allowed herself to succumb to his charms. But if this is all that occurred, in no sense of the word has he attempted to "rape" her. If a man has a girlfriend or wife who is not in the mood for sex, and the man threatens to go find sex elsewhere or threatens to leave her, this is, in a way, coersion. This is not just a simple coercive statement though. It is coersion through blackmail, and is unkind and immoral, but again, it is not an attempted rape. Nor is it illegal. I think that Camille Paglia is probably a good example of a person who would not allow herself to be coerced. In her essay "It's a Jungle Out There" she exhibits a massive general mistrust of the male gender as an entire group. She argues that "Hunt, pursuit, and capture are biologically programmed into male sexuality(637; par.10)" as she attempts to warn young women about the perils of behaving with naivety in the presence of young men, who have but one thing on their mind, and, supposedly, are willing to go to any lengths to get it. I truly doubt that this woman, or her younger counterparts who share this attitude, would willingly follow an intoxicated member of a fraternity up to his room, an expect nothing would happen. I doubt that any form or amount of coersion could change

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