Coffee And The Global Community

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We live in a world today where the global community is intertwined with many other nations trading, importing and exporting their national resources for other products that may not be native to the nation one lives in. One example of this is Coffee. Many 1st world nations indulge on this commodity yet very few nations actually grow and import coffee. The word “coffee” comes from Kaffa, a region in Ethiopia where it is believed the coffee bean was discovered.
Coffee is so important in the global marketplace that it is the second most valuable traded commodity in the world, only after crude oil. So if you think about the importance of coffee, one can understand why this commodity is second place to oil, as coffee outputs is worth over $100 billion dollars worldwide. That puts coffee ahead of some major commodities like natural gas, gold, sugar and corn. It is safe to say that no other beverage in the world is more revered or respected except water. Coffee is consumed everywhere- in offices, restaurants, cafeterias and in the homes of millions of people worldwide.
Contrary to contemporary belief, there are two main species of coffee cherries that get cultivated yielding two kinds of Coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. More than two-thirds of the world’s coffee is derived from the Arabica Coffee Bean. Arabica is favored and the more common type of coffee bean grown (70% of All coffee is Arabica), and is considered more flavorful. The Robusta bean is…
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