Coffee Consumption By Jessica Mcclarney

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Coffee Consumption
Jessica McClarney
Hawaii Pacific University
As a consumer, the major aim is to maximize utility at the highest level possible. However, this goal is normally pursued hand in hand with another goal of cost minimization. Consumer wants to achieve the highest satisfaction but in the lowest cost possible. Due to this reason, consumers therefore, tends to try their level best in various ways to minimize the total cost incurred in taking a product from the producer to final consumption. Apart from the cost of the product, there are other costs accompanied in taking the product for final consumption and this can be none other than the distribution expenses (Updike, 2011). This paper therefore tends to discuss this concept by describing the path a product takes to reach the final consumer in two different countries.
The Product: Coffee
Almost everyone drinks coffee. Most people view it as part of their basic needs. It is normally the first to be consumed whenever a day starts. It is commonly believed that a cup of coffee makes someone brighter and so able to perform his or her duties actively. This is therefore my chosen product. The following sections describes the path the product takes from the producer to reach me as well as to another consumer in another country which will be Brazil in this case.
The path the product takes to get from the producer to me as the final consumer
After the product has been processed, the next thing is to take

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