Coffee Consumption : The Health Benefits

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Coffee Consumption: The Health Benefits
By: Kate Spinosa

“Americans run on Dunkin”, this is a phrase that almost everyone knows or has heard in their lifetime. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed annually worldwide [1]. There are on average 70 countries that grow the coffee plant for coffee production, and coffee trade is exceeding 10 billion dollars worldwide [1]. While water is the most consumed drink globally, coffee is the actually the next most consumed beverage [1]. I really did not have much background information prior on coffee, just that I need three cups a day to even function. This is because coffee is the richest source of caffeine for Americans, accounting for 71% of caffeine intake [2]. Eight ounces of coffee typically contains between 95 to 200 mg of caffeine [2]. Drinking so much coffee for about seven years of my life really got me thinking, what was I actually consuming? What are health the health benefits? Rubiaceae and Genera Coffea are the families that the coffee plant is apart of, while having 70 different species, the two most consumed species coffee wise are Coffea Arabica accounting for 75-80% [1]. Then the Coffea Canephora accounting for 20% [1]. So what is even in coffee that makes it be able to have beneficial health claims? Phytochemistry is the main reason coffee is able to be called beneficial, the caffeine, chlorogenic acid, and hydroxyhydroquinone are big components of coffee’s phytochemistry [1]. Coffee also has a…
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