Coffee Consumption in USA

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Synopsis National coffee drinking trends statistics in 2012 shows a tremendous increase in the consumption of coffee in the country. The data show a general increase in all demographics' consumption behaviors. Significant increase is in age groups 18 to 39 with the largest jump in consumption observed in gourmet coffee. The data from the national coffee association (NCA) show current behaviors of coffee consumption such as single cup brewing taking the lead in coffee taking style. Data collection was through sampling procedures using a sample size of 2,955 people who were above 18 years of age. The survey took place online with 1.9 percent plus or minus 19 out of 20-accuracy level. Introduction The market for coffee in the US has experienced a significant increase in consumption in recent years. Research shows that coffee takes the lead over other soft drinks by more than 10 percentage points. The increase in coffee consumption echoes across all demographics and age groups, but more significant among those in the age group 18 and 39 years old. There is a general increase in consumption of all varieties of coffee but more significantly in gourmet coffee beverages. Traditional coffee consumption has also experienced a notable increase as a significant number of people claim to consume yesterday or a previous week. From 2011, US demand for coffee expanded with many people adopting the single cup format. Research shows that ownership of single cup brewer increased from 7
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