Coffee Drinkers' Unknown Role in Society Essay

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Coffee Drinkers’ Unknown Role in Society
Being one of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee has played a vital role in today’s culture. At present, it is hard to imagine a world without coffee, however, before the thirteenth century, making the beverage from coffee beans was undiscovered. Coffee got its start in Ethiopia, and by the fifteenth century, coffee spread to the Arabian Peninsula and became an integral part of their religious ceremonies. Coffee houses began to open up and they became a trendy place to engage in conversation, listen to music, watch entertainers, play chess, and hear the recent news. These places of assembly became so important for the exchange of information that they were often referred to the “Schools
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Such a loss is primarily due to the progression of technology and a change in American’s priorities. Social capital is defined as “the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively (Putnam 5).” It is an essential element in a functioning society because communicating with people is how ideas are shared, trust is built, and people get involved in their community. Social capital is also important to the general public because higher levels of interaction within a community have shown to cause higher individual happiness levels, better overall well being, higher academic performances, lower crime rates, and much more (Putnam 61). Coffee drinkers, because of their constant interactions with each other and the worldwide trade that takes place to fuel their habit, increase the social capital on both a local and global scale. By congregating at coffee houses and raising the global trade of the product, coffee drinkers have a positive effect in the US by increasing the social capital in America.
Growing up in a home in which coffee was prepared every morning; it was only natural for me to start drinking coffee at some point. I first started drinking coffee when I was in middle school. For me, like many others, drinking coffee was a social thing. Going to my town’s coffee house with friends was a fun way to relax or do homework together after school. I also started to spend time with my

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