Coffee Industry

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An Analysis of the Coffee Service industry in Metro Manila… AN ANALYSiS OF ThE COFFEE SErViCE iNdUSTrY iN mETrO mANiLA ANd ThE BUYiNG BEhAViOr OF iTS CONSUmErS Cynthia A. henson Abstract this study focuses on the unique coffee drinking culture, the specialty coffee industry, and the behavioral patterns of coffee drinkers. Coffee drinking in specialty coffee shops is compared with coffee drinking behavior at home, in school or in the office. the results are based on two consumer surveys, each involving three hundred respondents. One survey was conducted among current in-store coffee shop customers and the other among consumers aged sixteen to thirty, randomly picked among store/mall visitors, residential subdivisions and offices.…show more content…
Coffee drinking in shops will be compared with coffee drinking behavioral patterns at home, in school or in the office. REViEW OF RELAtEd LitERAtURE there have been prior studies made on the coffee industry, consumer behavior of coffee drinkers, store atmosphere in retail coffee shops, emotion-driven choices of consumers, and lifestyle behavior of consumers in the coffee shop culture. Past empirical studies show a strong relationship between store atmosphere and purchasing behavior. in-store marketing activity, total ambience and feel, in-store promotions, all-around music and lighting of the store, all exhibit a strong influence on the buying behavior of the consumer, even much stronger than the product offering itself. the results of this study indicate that consumers exposed to different environments exhibit significant differences in their brand loyalty, promotion sensitivity, price sensitivity and response to new brands. these differences in behavior are found to be related to environmental attributes such as width of product offerings and promotional activity. Elements such as lay-out, lighting, color and music all serve as powerful marketing stimuli and thus play a significant role in the purchasing behavior of consumers. Consumers who find a particular in-store environment to be more favorable and suitable to their tastes and preferences, are more likely to stay loyal to the brand and receptive
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