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Coffee Shop Economics Sitting, sipping, spending; these are all things one can do in a coffee shop. Coffee shops are in nearly every town in the US. This market has become separate from the rest of the dining industry by specializing in a variety of coffee and coffee drinks. Coffee shops have started to bring new tastes and options for consumers. Coffee shops are a luxury that are beginning to seem stable and perhaps permanent part of the economy, they meet a demand for out of home coffee and meeting spaces.
The demand for coffee shops is born from the increased number of individuals seeking coffee brewed outside of the home. This creates a larger market for coffee shops. An increased amount of people are starting their mornings off by purchasing breakfast and a cup of coffee away from home (Tuttle 2014), more people are enjoying gourmet coffee (NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends 2015 Infographic), and younger generations are demanding more coffee and coffee drinks from coffee shops (Tuttle 2014, S&D Coffee and Tea inc. 2014, Statista 2015). Coffee shops must compete with at home coffee, work place coffee, and teas for the caffeinated beverage markets (LN 2015). Demand for coffee within different markets varies, and provides competition for coffee shops. Single cup coffee makers, increasingly qualitative instant coffees, and gourmet beans are all sources of competition that could satisfy the demand for coffee. However, coffee shops are becoming more ingrained in social

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