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‘A WAR IS BREWING’ PROGRAMME : MASTER BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION ~Learning Issues~ 1.To describe consumers’ decision making in different market segments when they choose retailers of coffee using CDP. 2.To identify additional research that should be conducted to validate assumption about consumer decisions at each stage of the CDP model. 3.To learn how to organize marketing program should be provide for our customers after recognize their decision making process. 4.To see the impact of brand positioning to the consumers decision making. 5.To recommend marketing strategy after learn about consumers decision making process. 1.0 Summary 2.0 Problem Identification Figure 1: Crimson Cup market segments As a wholesaler of coffee and…show more content…
Even from the research said that brand is not factors that really encourage or discourage them to choose the coffee but how the marketers positioning their brand still are important. In this case, the marketers generally make TV commercials, store displays, give free samples in the mall and fliers and newspaper coupons to influence the consumers but approach that use by the Crimson Cup to position their product using: 1.Their position statement is “coffee for Independent Thinkers” as approval to consumers that they will get quality drinks in a clean and friendly environment. From the report said, “People see ‘coffee for independent Thinkers’ and come in to the coffee house. They like the message.” 2.The Crimsoncup believe that quality can make consumers perceive more better to their product and because of that, they offer quality coffee bean that: Have Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee are certified by USDA (Quality Certification Services) Signature blends Flavored coffees in light, medium, and dark roasts with Class I Specialty Grade Coffee. Non-marketer also will stimuli them because in this case, word-of-mouth from other people experience will influence them to get information about a new coffee house. Recommendation from family and friends also will influence them to choose the coffee shops. The more effective stimuli expose to the consumer the more intention the brand will

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