Coffee Should Be Black As Hell, Strong As Death, And Sweet As Love

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Kiersten Lange Mr.Willey Adv. English 4/5/16 Coffee “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” Coffee has an affect on many people’s daily lives as well as many aspects of society. First we will go over the history of coffee and how it was discovered, then look at just how much work goes into the production of coffee, after that we will see how much coffee is actually consumed and how it affects everyday culture, we will discover how to make the perfect cup of coffee, and finally we will look at how drinking coffee can benefit your health. The positive effects create a more vivid picture of health for a society in comparison to the occasional negative effect that has been found. Coffee has more than just a rich…show more content…
Following the Boston Tea Party, Congress declares coffee the official national beverage (Wang 30); Americans were now the world’s leading coffee consumers, drinking 400 million cups daily. The first wholesale coffee roasting company in the United States was established in 1790 (Wang 30). This led to the first newspaper advertisement for coffee which appeared in the New York Daily Advertiser. The first decaffeinated coffee was introduced in 1903 (Wang 30). German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius discovered that a shipment of coffee beans had been soaked in water and lost most of its caffeine, however it retained its flavor. Twenty years later he introduces it to the U.S., where it is still distributed today by Kraft Foods (Wang 31). Nestle introduced Nescafe in 1938, it was the first “drinkable” instant coffee. Achille Gaggia invented the modern espresso machine in 1946 (Wang 31). According to a 2011 Coffee Statistics Report, 30 million Americans drink speciality coffee beverages and espresso based drinks daily. Starbucks was a large contributor to coffee’s second wave in the early ‘90s and carrying it to the third, rebounding from the economic downturn with total net revenues up 9.5 percent to $10.7 billion. The production of coffee is a very long process. This process though, can simply be summed up in a short six steps. First we start with planting, a coffee bean is actually a seed. Coffee seeds are generally planted in large beds in shaded nurseries (10 Steps

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