Essay about Coffee Supply, Demand and Price Elasticity

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Coffee Supply, Demand, and Price Elasticity
Team B: Walelia Naholowa’a, Priscilla Swanson, Delniece Williams, Nigel Sturge
Robert Coates
February 26, 2012

Coffee Supply, Demand, and Price of Elasticity Statistics show that over half of the American population consumes coffee on a daily basis. You may drink coffee hot, cold, mixed, or even in a frappuccino. Individuals are able to make coffee at home, or buy it on the go. Coffee provides people with caffeine, which ultimately gives energy for hardworking people all around the world. The main focus for this paper will cover the following topics, with coffee as the basis: causes for shifts in supply and demand, how coffee supply and demand influence price, quantity,
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Changes in the equilibrium price and quantity depend on exactly how the curves shift (Berkeley University, n.d.).
How supply and demand influence price, quantity, and market equilibrium
These shifts in supply and demand would influence price, quantity, and market equilibrium because of the natural disasters, shift in prices or speculation the supply of coffee decreases, which would cause a significant product shortage for consumers. Due to a shortage, consumers would to pay higher prices in order to purchase coffee and all coffee producers would then demand a higher price in order to produce more products. Higher prices are beneficial to the producers of the product, but consumer would purchase fewer products. Lower product pricing would discourage coffee production, but would benefit consumers. Both supply and demand would balance consumption, which is demand and production, which is supply.
Market speculation would also drive the price of coffee up or down. For instance a study issued by the Harvard medical school in August 2004 states that “coffee consumed in moderation is safe and offers health benefits such as lowering the risk of gallstones and type two diabetes, and reduced cancer risk for women.” This speculation because of the health benefits publish may drive the market price of coffee.
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