Coffee Tea Coffee And Cafe Coffee Essay

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Café Coffee Day embarked on a market new to India, in a primarily tea drinking nation, coffee was a rare commodity. They were quite successful while other competition washed out in this new market. The problem Café Coffee Day is facing is not whether they can compete in an ever growing market, but rather, if they can compete with Starbucks, a brand where a strong coffee culture already exists. One that can rely on its superior customer service and word-of-mouth as free advertising. After reading the article “Coffee Wars in India: Café Coffee Takes on the Global Brands” it became obvious to me that Café Coffee Day had a head start in the coffee business and had a successful run up until Starbucks entrance into the market in 2012. It had out-stayed all other competition without much efforts. Starbucks would definitely be giving them a run for their money. Café Coffee Day needs to re-evaluate its marketing strategy in order to stay at the top of their game. Although Café Coffee Day has many stores throughout India in various locations with various amounts of foot traffic, I was able to identify what I feel are key marketing issues that are holding them back. The key marketing issues are a lack of advertising, the poor customer service provided in their stores, and the lack of diversity in products available in grocery stores and super markets. Although Starbucks doesn’t use advertising either, their customer service precedes them. Customers have been known to pay the

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