Coffee Wars Indi Cafe Coffee Day Essay

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The case study “Coffee Wars in India: Café Coffee Day Takes on the Global Brands” provides Coffee Café Day’s business situation as a market leader in the country of India and on its rise to success via developed adaptive business strategies to evolve with the changing social environment. This case introduced the global brand competitor Starbucks, having entered into the Indian local market with the intentions of taking over the market leader position. This gives CCD an opportunity to analyse their strengths and weaknesses against this global coffee giant. In this analysis and evaluation, CCD’s most important competitive advantages and challenges will be addressed, with a further examination and recommendation in regards to how CCD should respond to future challenges of Starbucks’ in India. A SWOT analysis is a tool used in industry and internal analyses alike; it will be used to measure CCD’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and is useful in evaluating CCD as a company up against Starbucks strengths, this case evaluation will further use a competitor profile and analysis of Starbucks’ market challenger strategies to establish future recommendations for CCD in defending their position as India’s coffee café market leader.
In order to best establish CCD’s important advantages and threats, a SWOT analysis will be conducted, using information given in Yoffie and Bijlani’s (2014) case study and company information of CCD provided by Canadean (2014a, 2014b and
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