Starbucks Essay

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Starbucks: The best coffee, for the best YOU.

Marketing Assignment DT398/1
Lecturer: Dr Daire Hooper
Student: Tatiana Petruskova
Student No.: C13337431

1.0 Table of contents 2
2.0 Introduction 3
3.0 Current marketing situation 3 3.1 Starbucks’s current position in global markets 3 3.2 Main competitors 4
4.0 Environmental factors 4 4.1 Micro Environment 4 4.1.1 Main Competitors 4 4.1.2 Customers 5 4.1.3 Suppliers 5 4.2 Macro Environment 6 4.2.1 Economic Factors 6 4.2.2 Technological Factors 6 4.2.3 Political Factors 7
5.0 SWOT analysis 7 5.1 Strengths 7 5.2 Weaknesses 7 5.3
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4.0 Environmental factors
4.1 Micro environment
The following section of this deals with some of the main factors within the Starbucks companies’ micro environment. More specifically, the following headings will be explored:
1. Main Competitors
2. Customers
3. Suppliers

4.1.1 Main Competitors
The field of coffee market is strongly competitive, including with respect to product quality, service, suitability, and price. Although Starbucks faces significant competition in the markets, it is still ahead of its competitors.

4.1.2 Customers

Starbucks’ main target market is men and women aged 25 to 40. They account for just about half (49%) of its total business. Starbucks attract this particular age group through hip, contemporary design that is compliant in its advertising and decor and working to keep its products current as status symbols. Customers are likely to be urbanites with moderately high income and professional careers. Another 40% of Starbucks’ sales are creating young adults, aged 18 to 24. To appeal to this age group, Starbucks positions itself in colleges where students can hang out, and also appeals to them through technology focusing on social networking where it is actively producing a ‘cool’ image.

4.1.3 Suppliers

“Aside from extraordinary coffee, Starbucks has made a business out
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