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AMT Coffee are one of the pioneers of modern day coffeehouses, fabricating innovative ideas such as take‐away coffee, being the first coffee store to become completely 100% Fairtrade and organic; showing that the company is not lacking inspiration. However it still seems to lack the global respect it should in comparison to its competitors such as Starbucks. The Motivating Potential Score (MPS) is an indicator of the motivation of employees. Using the equation (Score) and given values that I have chosen I can give the company a MPS of 20. Understanding that every choice of given value to each aspect of the equation is completely subjective, we still comprehend a rough idea of the strength of motivation from this. Thus, the visit…show more content…
Maslow’s theory shares similar attributes with Alderfers ERG Theory; Existence, Growth and Relatedness, if satisfied, enhances motivation of employees. The theory, which builds on Maslows, states that there is a need for human existence, there is a need for relatedness, which includes belongingness and there is a need for growth; this recommendation allows the chance for growth. The discrepancy between the theories is that “ the ERG model proposes that more than one need may be operative in a given individual at any point in time” (Steers, Motivation and Leadership at work, 1996). From this we can conclude there is a need to accommodate multiple needs, ensuring employees experience many needs at the same time. Concurrently this recommendation satisfies McClelland’s Learned Needs Theory. Which dictated that there are four crucial needs of an individual; need for achievement, power, affiliation and autonomy, these needs are derived from the social culture of the modern day man. Through nurture and the life encounters of individuals we come across the need to have achievements. By introducing the vocational qualification this crucial need is fulfilled, as “behaviors toward competition with a standards of excellence” (McClelland, 1953); by satisfying this we can increase motivation. Job Enlargement and Job Rotation are vital to motivation; The Rotating would be a shifting of

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