Coginitive Workings of the Brain and Medical Treatment

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While therapists and physicians write prescriptions for various ailments, everything from changing the morning routine to antidepressants and chemotherapy to aspirin, there is a change occurring within the confines of the brain. While it is much more difficult to precisely diagnose cognitive workings, good or bad, than it is to check physical fitness, the fact remains that there are multiple accounts from both patients and doctors as to changes in the brain’s functions, specifically after certain incidents. Just like a fall from a bike will make a person a bit more reluctant to attempt to ride that bike, or any other, again, when the functions of the mind are analyzed, the self-awareness it presents becomes an almost instant catalyst for change. People who have cancer are almost always changed cognitively as well as physically, for example. Facing mortality is a difficult thing that prompts a change in the person’s view of the world; what is worth getting upset over. When people attend therapy, of any kind, they look at themselves in a new light. They examine their own short-comings and cannot face away. When a person sees themselves the way other people see them, or simply face their issues, their perceptions change. When perceptions change, the areas of the brain that are functioning at certain times change as well. For example, a right-brain person sees a work of art and decides to attempt to view the painting, not for its meaning, for its proportions, the mathematics of

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