Cognition And Perception Of Cognition

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All of our mental capabilities and developments which includes but is not limited to memory, thinking, intuition, understanding and awareness is known as cognition. Cognition is unique in that it manages the human’s conscious and unconscious mind. It is constantly retrieving current mental insight while still constantly developing new ones. In simple terms, despite the intricacies of what it entails, cognition refers to the method of how a human being deals with information and applies knowledge based on their psychological capacity. Because the concept of cognition is so abstract, there are various types of fields of science (i.e. philosophy, neurology, psychology and even computer science) that can examine it from different viewpoints.…show more content…
At birth, babies are actively learning by using the information gathered around them and they begin to develop perception and thinking skills. Children’s cognitive development between the ages of 3-12 months begins with simply distinguishing pitch and volumes in sounds to obtaining a sense of self and recognizing their mother and father. As children begin to get older (up until 5 years of age), they are more vocal and can usually tell between events that are real and “make believe”. They are extremely curious and ask lots of questions. The French film “L’Enfant Sauvage” (The Wild Child) is based on a real-life case of a feral child named Victor who was found in the woods and taken into a clinic under the care of Dr. Jean Itard. Victor begins to express himself with the constant education and affection of his caretaker. Due to Victor’s deprived upbringing, Dr. Itard believed that he could be educated which he did accomplish. Victor was able to socialize and communicate through language with Dr. Itard’s diligent persistence. Through Victor’s experience it is easy to see the impact of an individual who has not been properly acclimatized to society. Victor had these animal instincts that would cause him to run away at the sight of another human being. Because he never developed his speech or his language comprehension, he had no means of communicating his sentiments or even understanding other individuals sentiments. An individual in Victor’s case would not even
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