Cognitive Abilities And Personality Or Behavioral Styles

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When scientists want to explain strengths and weaknesses, including cognitive abilities and personality or behavioral styles, psychometric testing is a best approach to do so (What is Psychometric Testing, n.d.). As a result, psychometric testing has, in fact, become one of the most sought out protocols to search for the best suited prospective candidates and the state of current candidates internalities; thereby, using a computerized assessment test against face-to-face tests and vis-à-vis. Therefore, the data set selected (e.g., ICPSR 35034: Generations of Talent Study) is well suited to address the proprietary concerns, which Pitt-Catsouphes and Sarkisian (2014) described as the, “…21st century affect of globalization of human resource/talent management strategies and dramatic shifts in the age composition of the workplace” (p. 6). Insofar, this cross-sectional methodology provides the essentiality of being able to deconstruct and analyze the current studies of talent acquisition, which solely stems from human resources (H.R.) practices. The supplementary selected article titled: “Organizational Hiring Patterns, Interfirm Network Ties, and Interorganizational Imitation” proposes implications of social contagion, institutional theories to H.R. management and its indicative situational attributes that all Industrial and Organizational (I-O) practitioners and psychologists curiosity should continuously be sought out (Williamson & Cable, 2003). Additionally, the
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