Cognitive Abilities Of Early Adolescents Essay

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Cognitive abilities are the mental skills individuals use on a daily base ranging from the simplest tasks to the most complex ones. Cognitive abilities include but are not limited to handling information, memories, and reasoning. Our cognitive abilities gradually decline over the years as we enter adulthood known as cognitive ageing. Some individuals can experience a severe decline in their cognitive skills, which can lead cognitive impairments such as Dementia or Alzheimer 's disease. Types of mental abilities that decline are the ability to process speed at a reasonable speed, multitasking, and reasoning. These basic functions are extremely critical for an individual to be able to carry out a normal lifestyle and their daily activities. While cognitive abilities change through the course of infancy to late adulthood, a majority of our basic mental functions stay the same. Some current cognitive abilities that late adolescents experience include being able to think abstractly rather than concrete thinking. Concrete thinking is way of focusing on facts in the current moment and using the literal definitions of things. Late adolescents are also able to deal with multiple concepts at a given time, while those in late adulthood struggle with being able to multitask (Veroude, Jolles, Croiset, & Krabbendam, 2013). Late adolescents are also able to process harder complex problems at a reasonable speed, and are able to handle a more demanding curriculum because their memory
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