Cognitive Abilities That Measures Four Global Areas

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The WISC-IV is a test of cognitive abilities that measures four global areas and combines them to provide a full-scale intelligence quotient. The four areas include Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed. The Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) is derived from a combination of ten subtest scores and is considered the most representative estimate of global intellectual functioning. The results of the current test conducted on Leo Marcelynas indicate that his Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) is 101. It can be stated with 95% confidence that Leo’s FSIQ falls between 96-106, indicating that he is functioning in the Normative Average Range of intellectual ability. Given the consistency among his scores on Verbal …show more content…

Leo’s nonverbal reasoning abilities, as measured by the Perceptual Reasoning Index is (PRI=98). He scored at the 45th percentile, indicating that he functions at the normative average for his nonverbal reasoning abilities. It can be stated with 95% confidence that his PRI score lies between 91-106. This index is composed of three subtests, Block Design (SS=11), Picture Concepts (SS=9), and Matrix Reasoning (SS=9). Given the unitary cohesiveness of his scores, these scores are considered to be unitary and interpretable. On the Block design subtest, Leo scored in the 63rd percentile. He worked with precision and focus during this subtest and performed within the average range. In the Picture Concepts subtest, he scored in the 37th percentile. This score is within the average range. For the Matrix Reasoning, Leo scored in the 37th percentile suggesting he scores within average range. As this subtest progressed in difficulty, it was clear that Leo began to guess at the answers. He would say that he didn’t know, and then proceed to respond to the question incorrectly. Overall, Leo worked consistently and with effort. He scored overall in the PRI index in the normative average range.

The Working Memory Index (WMI=97) score for Leo is within average range and at the 42nd percentile rank. This percentile puts Leo at the average normative range for his working memory abilities. It can be stated with 95% accuracy that Leo’s score is between 90-105. This index is

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