Cognitive Ability and Emotional Intelligence

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Cognitive ability and emotional intelligence Cognitive ability (cognitive intelligence) entails using one's own intellect faculties such as reason, logic analyzing, writing skills, analyzing skills and reading skill and prioritizing skills. These skills are internal and they are not connected to one's ability to understand and incorporate others. Using cognitive skills can very well solve a mathematical problem; write an easy; or arrive at some conclusion based on the facts collected and analyzed ADDIN EN.CITE Cavazotte2012466(Cavazotte, Moreno, & Hickmann, 2012)46646617Cavazotte, FlaviaMoreno, ValterHickmann, MateusEffects of leader intelligence, personality and emotional intelligence on transformational leadership and managerial performanceThe Leadership QuarterlyThe Leadership Quarterly443-4552332012NetherlandsElsevier Science( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Cavazotte, 2012 #466" Cavazotte, Moreno, & Hickmann, 2012). Emotional intelligence describes understanding individual and other persons' emotions and incorporating them to bring out the best out of a situation. Emotional intelligence affords one an opportunity to control likely outcome, by managing and working well with others as well as alone. One with emotional intelligence is capable of understanding their own emotions regulating them for the purpose of fruitful relation ADDIN EN.CITE Cavazotte2012466(Cavazotte et al., 2012)46646617Cavazotte, FlaviaMoreno, ValterHickmann, MateusEffects of leader intelligence,
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