Cognitive Affective

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The Study of Cognitive & Affective Bases of Psychology

Cognitive and affective psychology is the empirical branch of psychology, which aims to answer all questions regarding human activities, related to knowledge and emotions, such as, how we think, learn, and remember. It is grounded on the theory that thoughts and emotions affect our behavior; furthermore, behavior can be changed through a modification of our thoughts or emotions. Cognitive psychologists examine how our minds obtain, apply, organize, and retrieve information. In addition, the topics of attention, decision-making, critical thinking, reasoning, creativity, memory, perception, problem solving, thinking, and the use of language, all reside under the branch of
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Through investigating such differences, cognitive psychologists hope to learn how to treat certain disorders, and work towards finding ways to help reviving their normal perception.
“Memory is the means by which we draw on our past experiences in order to use this information in the present (Sternberg, 1999).” Memory is essential to all our lives on an emotional level, as well as on a survival level. Without insight about the past, there would not be a way to operate in the present, or to plan; further, we would not be able to learn anything new. Cognitive psychologists do not solely aim to understand how our memories are made, but why the memory of humans works the way, it does. The study of Cognitive Psychology focuses on arenas of memory such as: childhood amnesia, memory biases, false memories, and the relationships we have between our emotions and memory. Decision-making involves cognitions from many different levels. Cognitive psychologists are currently studying the logic and rationality people use when making choices. The human mind is an exceptional tool when it comes to problem-solving skills. How these processes occur in our brains is another fundamental area of research within the study of cognitive psychology. Clinical Psychology prides
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