Cognitive And Moral Developmental Stages

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Thanks you for this opportunity to apply for Position at your school, I understand you have a student centred philosophy, so I’ve done some research on cognitive and moral development in primary age students.
Awareness of the cognitive and moral developmental stages of the students is fundamental in structuring lesson plans to facilitate the ease of learning and the potential of each student.
The emergence of the ability to think and understand moves from being dependent on Actions and perceptions in infancy to an understanding of the more abstract aspects of reality in childhood to the underlying abstract rules and principals in adolescence.
Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is one the most widely accepted, his four stages of development are age based.
Stage 1 Sensorimotor, infancy to 2 years
A child in this stage is basically trying to understand the world using their senses and motor skills.
Stage 2 Pre-operational, starts age 2 – 7
Children in this stage do not yet understand concrete logic and cannot mentally manipulate information.
Stage 3 Concrete operational 7-11 years of age.
Things need to be seen or manipulated to be understood, students in this stage of development display an increasingly accurate perception of reality and a decline in magical thinking, memory is improving and new skills in problem solving are emerging. They demonstrate creative, analytical and flexible thinking.
Stage 4 Formal operational, adolescence to adulthood
Students age 11
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