Cognitive Approach Vs Cognitive Psychology

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The Cognitive approach focuses on mental processes, it assumes that how we perceive ourselves and our environment affect our emotions, which in turn affects our behaviour. The approach suggests disordered thinking causes abnormal behaviour. Cognitive disorders are learned, therefore, they can be unlearned, which is similar to the behaviourist approach. If the behaviour is monitored and evaluated, it can be altered. Therefore the approach assumes cognitive change will lead to changes in behaviour. The cognitive approach has been influenced by the development with computer science. Researchers often make comparisons are between how a computer processes information and how the human brain processes information. Cognitive research tends to take…show more content…
Attribution is one theory, which the cognitive approach has been applied to. Humans have a fundamental need to explain the world around them. Attribution theory try’s to understand how people explain events and why. The best known attribution is Kelley’s Covariation Model. Kelley's model explains how we use social perception to attribute behaviour to internal or external factors. It also explains what information we gather through perception, and how it's used to form a judgment about someone's behaviour. This attribution theory assumes that you have information from multiple experiences that we use to determine what variables have changed and what has stayed the same. The Cognitive Approach has been applied to therapies such as Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. The therapy was developed by Albert Ellis who suggested that each of us hold a set of expectations about ourselves and our world, this guide us through life and determine our reactions to the various situations we experience. However, some people’s expectations are illogical, causing them to behave and respond in ways that is
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