Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Behavior Therapy really begins in the early 1900s during the behaviorist movement starting with Pavlov, Watson, Skinner, Thorndike, and Hull along with many other scientists that were primarily dealing with behavior and the observation of behavior. The 1950s two research groups in South Africa were on the way to making behavior therapy a science based therapy based on learning principles (Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, 2014). The therapeutic approaches of behavior therapy was an extreme withdrawal from the main psychoanalytic view of the time, behavior therapy differed from many other therapeutic approaches because of the many different ways they applied their principles of classical and operant conditioning to a broad spectrum of behavior problems.
B.F. Skinner was a very outspoken representative for Behaviorism and is considered the father of Behavioral therapy. Skinner pioneered radical behaviorism which looks at the properties of the surroundings of one’s world to determine why deviant behaviors exist. Skinner was also a determinist he did not believe in free choice even though Skinner admitted feelings and thoughts exist but did not believe they are the cause of our actions he believed that cause and effect were objective and observable conditions he believed mind and motive had been given too much…
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