Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Qualitative Study

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The current study focuses on Mode Deactivation Therapy (MDT), including mindfulness and family therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was not showing sufficient results in dealing with adolescents that have serious behavioral and comorbid issues. The research question here is, would MDT be effective with adolescents also experiencing issues with conduct. One obvious independent variable from the study were the amount of aggressive actions that the teenagers took. It was operationalized with different qualitative measures, including a more subjective recording from the staff of the facility. The literature review was very descriptive and really gave a background of MDT. Different theories mentioned to support MDT were Beck’s cognitive theory, which supports that the thoughts caused by depression affect the depression, Ellis’s rational emotive behavior theory, which believes humans are center to their own universe and have their own choices, and Piaget’s cognitive development theory and schemata. The research was done in a residential facility in which the subjects were legally mandated to go through treatment, meaning they were not able to drop from the study. The subject criteria included adolescent males between the ages of 14 and 17 that had a history of issues with aggression and whose families were willing…show more content…
Another issue with this particular study is that some, but not all of the assessments had been tested for reliability and validity which could affect the results of the study. Some of the tests were also subjective, such as having the family and staff document aggression, which could be different definitions for different people. Despite these issues, the study shows the major effectiveness of MDT and how much more effective it is than the widely used CBT. This could be used in many applications and make a much bigger impact in the community if used
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