Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Analysis

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy used to examine the interactions between one’s thoughts and behaviors. This type of therapy helps to provide awareness to a person’s negative interpretations and assists in developing alternate ways of approaching certain substandard situations. The ABC technique is often involved in discovering CBT behavioral patterns. The “A” is the activating event, the “B” is the belief, and the “C” is the consequence. This technique furnishes an understanding of how an action develops into a belief that results into a consequence. With this in mind, the movie Inside Out delineates a young girl, Riley, who demonstrates this technique while under the influence of her emotions. The first activating…show more content…
She was apart of a great team at home with a lot of her friends, but that memory soon becomes just a memory when she moves. She no longer has a strong connection to hockey due to her loss of joy. For example, Riley’s mom mentions tryouts for a great hockey team in San Francisco. Riley begins tryouts but does not do as well as she has in the past. She then begins to fall and misses the goal. This counts as the activating event. As the activating event takes place Riley’s belief is that she is not good enough to make the team. Under those circumstances, Riley storms out of tryouts angry. With the loss of joy as her leading emotion all that is left is anger creating uncontrollable behavior.
Riley’s experiences are strongly reflected by her beliefs. Riley believes that she would not like her new home and she did not at first. She then believed that she could not make the hockey team and she did not at first. Cognitive Psychology is the interaction between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Every event leads to an initial thought leading to irrational assumptions that create unstable behavior. What one may think, will receive. A person may not have control over what events happen in one’s life; however, they do have the choice of how they react and how they process that
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