Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt ), Group Therapy, Psychotherapy And Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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A variety of problems can plague families. These can range from mental health issues in parents or children all the way to problems involving abuse and neglect. To keep families functioning in a healthy manner, there are many therapeutic approaches that can be used to intervene and change the course of the familial issues. While remaining focused on family matters, I will introduce five of these interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy, client centered therapy, psychotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction. By placing a significant amount of importance on problems occurring in the present, this type of psychotherapy is appealing to patients with a desire to learn their way to better mental health.…show more content…
Facilitating this collaborative process involves the therapist acting as an educator and active participant in therapy. The concept of the therapist as an active participant means that the therapist is there, not just to observe or interpret, but also to engage, lead and teach. The cognitive-behavioral therapist acts as a guide to their patients; they guide their patients toward goal completion. Through creating, assigning and following-up on real-world applications of behavior changing techniques, the therapist assumes the role of an educator in the patient-practitioner dyad. CBT is structured therapy. This means that there is a standard arrangement for each session. Beck (1995) stated the underlying principle for adherence to a defined structural model as being important to increasing understanding of the therapeutic process for both the patient and the therapist, to preventing relapse of symptoms after cessation of therapy and directing the focus of the session toward the most important issues (p. 8). This structure limits the possibility of idleness in the patient’s progression due to sessions that derail, ending up off-focus and off-topic. The structure of a CBT session begins with checking the patient’s current mood, recapitulating the previous session and homework, setting an agenda for the current session, and assigning a new homework assignment. CBT is not without its limitations, however. For some families, there may be
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