Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt )

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Many people in the world today suffer from mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression. These two mental illnesses are considered to be the most common throughout the United States. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association (2015), approximately 40 million people suffer from anxiety, and 15 million people suffer from depression. These statistics are significant and overwhelming. Unfortunately, some people who suffer from these mental illnesses are not able to get the support they need because they do not have the appropriate resources. Furthermore, both therapy and medication do cost a price and not everyone is able to afford it. Treatment, such as therapy, is extremely important for people who suffer from…show more content…
Many of her patients have explained that these recordings have been very beneficial and have allowed them to get through difficult times. Kramer monitors her patient’s symptoms in order to make sure that the interventions she uses are producing results. Some of the results she monitors for include a decrease in stress and maladaptive behaviors, and an increase in desirable behavior, family interaction and positive interactions with peers and teachers. It brings Kramer much joy when she notices a positive change in her patient’s behavior. Along with Rachel Kramer, there are many other practitioners who are also using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in their practice. Some of the key components of CBT include: psycho-education, self-monitoring, cognitive restructuring, behavioral activism, communication skills, problem solving, and relaxation (Bru, Solholm, & Idsoe, 2013). Psycho-education provides a client with information regarding their mental health condition so they are able to move forward and deal with their mental disorder in the best way. Self-monitoring is also another key component in this type of therapy because it causes the client to keep track of their daily activities, cognitions and mood (Bru, Solholm, & Idsoe, 2013). Cognitive restructuring, on the other hand, focuses on teaching clients to identify their own irrational and maladaptive thoughts

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