Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is Beneficial For Specific Subsets Of Patients

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The results from diverse institutions from the United States give a suggestion that spiritually integrated therapy is desirable and can be beneficial for specific subsets of patients.
Cognitive behavioral therapy refers to a behavioral therapy that was initially developed by Aaron T, Beck in the 1960s. CBT is based on the argument that a person’s belief system is the attributable cause (Corey, 1996). The internal dialogues of an individual play a central role in that person’s way of acting. Spirituality on the other hand, refers to the nature or religion, devotion or piety. It is an individual’s belief system that emanates from their own connecting with the transcendent. There is no defined definition of spirituality. Becker (2001) defines it to be the soul or the mind and different aspects of human nature that cannot be touched.
Also, O’ Reilly (2004) refers it to an expression of transcendent ways which help in fulfilling human potential. Religion, faith, and divinity are the major words that are used as similar to spirituality. Everyone has a different space in the continuum of spirituality. Thoresen (1999) assumes that spirituality has a multidimensional space in which every individual are located. Spirituality encompasses bible guidelines, prayers and other factors that show surrender or control.
In this paper, I am going to investigate and analyze the relationship between cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and spirituality. In the United States of America, 95 percent…
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