Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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The most cost effective interventions for adults with anxiety disorder appears to be individual forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The mean total societal costs were lower for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as compared to Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Apeldoorn et al, 2014). In particular, self-help books are cost effective compared with other forms of treatment options. Drugs and group based psychological interventions does not appear to be specifically cost effective compared to other treatment options with the exception of a drug known as phenelzine, which was among the most cost effective drug. Some of the least cost effective options are…show more content…
A variety of interventions such as anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines and combination therapies included were not considered in the economic analysis. Benzodiazepines is a drug that cannot be used longer than 2 to 4 weeks to treat anxiety. Clinical evidence on anticonvulsants and combination therapies had an overall low quality and was particular limited. Due to these reasons, the inclusion of these interventions in the analysis would not have significant implications for decision making. A significant limitation of the economic analysis was the poor quality of the recurrence of symptoms data used because of the lack of full bodied evidence of comparative risk of relapse between psychological and pharmacological interventions. Besides, the lack of intervention specific data, the economic model supposed one common risk of relapse employed to all pharmacological interventions and one common risk of relapse across all psychological ones. However, the evidence suggest that in contrast to pharmacological interventions, which has a relatively high relapse risk at six months of maintenance treatment, the psychological interventions is well maintained after end of treatment. Besides, for the economic model, the mean probabilities of
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