Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Essay

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The development of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been culminated as a result of combination of factors that necessitated the drastic shift in assessment and treatment of behavioural and mental diseases. The failure of psychoanalysis and laboratory experiments approaches let to the precursor approaches to accelerate scientific progress by providing evident-based diagnosis and effective treatments. As a result, the popularity of psychoanalysis psychotherapy and laboratory experiments had to diminish with the advent of cognitive revolution (Keith S. D. & Dacid J. A. D., 2001) which heightened the quest for data oriented techniques in assessment and treatments of behaviour and emotional problems Holly, H. S., and Michellle G. C., 2002).…show more content…
& Nelson, D., 2006). In evaluating the contributions of the approaches that led to the development of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, there is the need to identify these approaches and to understand the context within which they have marked their indelible footprints. As a task, there is the need to examine literature in clinical psychology especially in the areas where Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is now dominantly replacing psychoanalysis/psychodynamic as the prevailing model of psychotherapy (Forman, E. & Herbert, J., 2007). Thus, from the survey of the literature examined, the underlining issues to be considered in this regard are the substantive questions as to the significance of the contributions these approaches offered and their dimensions. In understanding the origins of the development of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the model’s evolution, according to the account of Kristy Hall, Furhan Iqbal (2010), has been painstakingly greeted with intensively incessant disputes, adoptions and adaptations of the psychoanalysis and behaviourism. As traditional thoughts and foundations of psychological thinking, the development of these theoretical traditions highlight as to how, why and what these approaches have contributed in the development of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. From the historical account of Kristy Hall and Iqbal analysis (2010), it highlights that mental treatment developed in earliest period was mainly
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