Cognitive Biases Are An Influence On An Individuals Method Of Decision Making

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It is known that cognitive biases are an influence to an individuals method of decision making. ‘Cognitive biases’ are the tendencies to think in certain and specific ways which could lead to systematic reasons to a standard of rationality or good or bad judgement. ‘Decisions’ are the acts or processes of deciding out of question or doubt, determination, making a judgement or the act for making up one’s mind to conclude to a selection of choices. ‘Conscious and controlled decisions’ are when an individual are in a circumstance or when they are being aware of the decision being made know they have to make a decision under any requirements they are in. NOTES: Decision making by Individuals/Critical thinking The decisions made by…show more content…
In a study of 79 students, it has been found that the ability to avoid biases as measures of critical thinking was correlated with more than the traditional laboratory measure of how to measure critical thinking, and found that the ability to reason logically was due to prior and already experienced logic conflicts that involved prior beliefs (Stanovich, Toplak & West, 2008). It has been said that decision making can be processed into focused attention to what may be a relevant aspect in how some decisions can be problematic and damaging to ones self esteem, finances, family life, social life, work life, and love life (Böhm & Pfister, 2008). Heuristics Heuristics are general decision making strategies that people use which are based on not a lot of information, yet sometimes seem to show a better outcome of making correct decisions (Shah & Oppenheimer, 2008). Heuristics are mental short cuts that greatly help and reduce cognitive burdens associated with conscious and controlled decision making (Shah & Oppenheimer, 2008). It has been argued that heuristics reduce work in decision making in several ways (Shah & Oppenheimer, 2008). Heuristics offers decision makers the ability to scrutinize signals and alternative choices in decision making. Heuristics also diminishes work of influential and retrieving information necessary to making a choice or passing judgement, therefore making it easier for one to make a
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