Social Cognitive Theory Paper

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The social cognitive theory is used in different areas to include education, communication, and psychology. The theory pinpoints that individuals obtain the understanding from social interactions and how they experience certain things (Bandura, Davidson, and Davidson, 2003). Cognitive comprehension focuses on a personal understanding of social interactions and the experience; however, this whole process focuses on how the individual and the text work together. Either way to better understand this is to simply apply the necessary knowledge and foresight and experience to include interactions into this paper to give it a great way of insight into comprehension and social cognitive theory.
Cognitive comprehension works with a variety of different interactions. They work well with old and new knowledge and interactions. Schema theory focuses on the fact that gained knowledge is held information
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Of course, all of this does have a different variety of meaning depending on who is reading the material so keeping that in mind is important in the writing process because meaning is what is important in reading. If any of this is not actually correct it causes issues in how the reader understands what the material from the author is trying to say. All of that then interference occurs with the inability to comprehend the material. This comprehension seems to work well even in the dissertation process of the specific topic which is being observed in the final presentation. It is simply because if someone does not understand what the dissertation is about then they will not read the material and the words will not serve a meaning to help find the necessary gap towards a better way of helping
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