Cognitive Development: Multiple Intelligences

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In this paper, I will give a brief overview of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI). I will also discuss the merits and critiques of the theory in the field of cognitive development. I will also discuss the applicability of Gardner’s theory to my personal development. The final section will cover the application of the theory in a counselling framework. This will be supported by discussing theoretical orientations that would best adopt application of Gardner’s theory. Theoretical Overview Gardner’s theory of MI offers an alternative view of intelligence which has measured intelligence based on the results that would predict success in the current educational system. Furham (2009) sums up Gardner’s definition as “the ability…show more content…
Gardner & Hatch (1987) also highlights how his theory of MI has inspired the creation and testing of his theory in the school programs. Harvard’s Project Zero currently holds strong and continue to expand the number of research projects inspired by Gardner’s theory of MI. The final strength of the theory of MI is that it challenges the current education system to constantly re-evaluate how it teaches children. Personal Development The one place I see MI having an impact on my personal cognitive development is in my career path. I believe this would have to do with my strength in intrapersonal development. I was really able to find my own strengths and weaknesses in university. I was able to pick out that I was not a strong reader or writer. I learned much better by doing and I felt that after evaluating my own strengths and weaknesses that I wanted to use that knowledge and apply it to psychology. In the end I ruled out pursuing PhD programs and PsyD programs because I lacked the necessary skills to excel in research. I ended up completing a bachelor’s degree in in psychology and linguistics and pursued a post-graduate diploma in counselling. It was through this programs practicum where I was able to confirm my strength in interpersonal intelligence. I had a feeling I possessed skills in this area from my work in
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