Cognitive Development

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Discussion Links to cognitive development Piaget would have expected Simon to be in the concrete operational stage. He would he expected Leah, the adult, to function in the formal operational stage. Simon, according to him should have been possessed all the previous stages as well as possess the ability to think logically about objects and events ; Achieves conservation of number and mass; and classified objects according to several features as well as able to order them in series along a single dimension such as size. The adult should have been able to think logically about abstract propositions and test hypotheses systemically, as well as become concerned with the hypothetical, the future, and ideological problems. Simon did indeed show all of Piaget's requirements for his age, but he also seemed to move into eh adult phase at least with his ability to test hypotheses systematically (as when he pondered aloud what two indiscernible objects were and placed them in a category that he called 'unknown'). The fact too that he deliberately separated the fierce-looking tiger from the gentler beasts may also indicate abstract thinking. Since the experiment did not call for evidence of abstract thinking, it is unclear whether the adult would have fulfilled Piaget's criterion. She certainly did though as far as the other physical conceptualizations were concerned. Limitations of the study As other scholars have noted, limitation with Piaget's study include the fact
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