Cognitive Development Throughout A Lifetime

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Cognitive Development Throughout a Lifetime Children are different from adults when it comes to a lot of things, memory being one of them. This is because children are able to better receive and process large amounts of information vs adults. There are many reasons for this. Mostly because the brain of a child is open and excited about their surroundings and new experiences. Because they are so openly engaged in their environment, this causes them to be more aware of small details that most adults would not normally pick up on. The brain of a child is also growing at a much faster rather than that of an adult. The growth rate corresponds with the rapid cell increases that occur in other places of a child’s body as they develop (Papass,2010) The way in which children and adults receive information is the same. The main difference though between the memory of a child and an adult is that children make use of their memory in a more inefficient way than adults. This is just because adults have more real world experience in deciding what information is useful to use on a daily basis. This is based off adult’s experience and memories from positive outcomes which are produced from recalling and using certain information. The way adults receive information also makes them better at processing new information and being able to put new information with other stored information they already have. This makes them efficiently use there memoires in a way that enhances
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