Cognitive Development of Adult Learners

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Cognitive Development of Adult Learners


Adult learning is often looked upon as being a separate entity in the education system, an educational process that has little to do with prior experiences and makes little connection to the learning that has taken place in childhood and adolescence, when it fact it is though those experiences that have shaped and molded the adult into the adult that they become (Brookfield and Tuinjman, 1995). Andragogy, which is defined as "the science of helping adults learn," has taken on a broader meaning and included not only curriculum based education, but also experience and learner centered education (Titmus 1981). Today, we know different. There is a plethora of research devoted to
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Adults will use what they have experienced though their culture to create meaning and reflect on learning. Cross-culture learning seeks to broaden the adult perspective. This is similar to distance learning, which seeks to support the adult learner through the use of technology, while still providing the learner with the opportunity to broaden their experience and continue on a path of education development. Practical theorizing seeks to make learners and educators become critically aware of the informally developed theories that guide their practice, including dilemmas, tensions of any sort, and successes. Adult education is a continuous learning process, not only for the adult learner for those who which to provide guidance in the field. Continuously, there are trends and theories about the cognitive development of adults and how adults learn best, however; it now most beneficial that we encourage adult to draw on their personally experience to make that learning meaningful.
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