Cognitive Dissonance And The Mandela Effect

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Have you ever believed or remembered something happening a certain way, but it turns out to be different than the what you thought? That is where the “Mandela Effect” comes in. The Mandela Effect was first coined the term in 2010 by paranormal consultant and blogger, Fiona Broome. She came up with the term after she along with many other people at a convention believed that South African President, Nelson Mandela had died while in prison in the 1980’s. However, he was the President of South Africa from 1994-1999 and died in 2013. Many people across the world were shocked to find out of his death in 2013, because they, just like Fiona and those at the convention, thought he had died in prison. The Mandela Effect then became a term for when…show more content…
These lessons were shared through hundreds of picture books and television shows. The issue however, is they are not the Berenstein Bears. They are the Berenstain Bears. A very large amount of people according to, sincerely believe that the name is BerenstEin Bears and instead of accepting that they have just misremembered, believe in multiple theories of why it has changed to Berenstain. Many theories as to why it is “now” spelled Berenstain have been created as a result of the denial. blogger, “Reese” gave an explanation as that stood out to me. He stated that some of us have crossed over from a parallel universe and are living in it. He stated that there is at least, one universe parallel to ours. He tells the two apart by calling one the “E” universe for Berenstein and the other the the “A” universe for Berenstain. He believes that the “E” universe was the world we lived in during the 1990’s and that some amount of time after, we ceased the reading of children’s books. The time we stopped reading is when we “crossed over” to the “A” universe. He states on his blog, “Somehow, we have undergone a 3.14/2 phase change in all four dimensions so that we moved to the stAin hexadectant, while our counterparts moved to our hexadectant (stEin).” and that, “Given the weak interaction betweeen these
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