Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper

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Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper 1

Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper
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Cognitive Dissonance Theory Paper 2
The cognitive dissonance theory has many possible scenarios and examples chosen throughout life. The theory will be either enhanced or decreased depending on a number of factors such as the person’s moral values, social upbringing, and social status at work, religious views, culture, and more. When a person makes a decision, such as calling into work sick when he or she are not sick may have a number of consequences. The first may be the person’s conscience and the possibility of getting caught in the act of a
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When returning to work makes sure that it continues to play out and it would be best to not walk in as if there were not an illness; just say that you are still recovering the flu symptom. Everyone takes that unexpected day off for mental reasons; it just cannot become a habit, because that will be cheating the company. The boss may catch on also the coworkers, and the person could be fired.
Discuss possible explanations for the behavior using attribution theory There can be many explanations for why an employee would call in sick to work when he or she is not really sick. One reason could be explained through the attribution theory. The attribution theory explains the behavior like this can be explained by attributing it to either the employee’s internal disposition or to an external situation. The employee’s internal disposition could be that the employee always seems to have a bad attitude to his or her job duties and that his or her personality is pessimistic or lazy. The employee’s external situation could be that he or she has a manager who is constantly micro-managing them, which makes them unhappy at work, or the employee has a coworker who is their counterpart who is slacking at work. The employee may have to work harder at the job than the other employee to get their collective tasks completed. This may lead to the employee calling out sick because of his or her internal disposition – they are just lazy and do
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