Cognitive Evaluation : Julian 's Diagnosis Of Adhd With Elevations

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In addition to the cognitive evaluation, Julian’s scores on the Conner-3 supported Julian’s diagnosis of ADHD with elevations in the classroom within the inattention domain. His services continued into the 3rd grade. In the 4th grade, Julian was placed in an ICT classroom with speech services twice a week in a small group setting. Current Classroom Functioning Julian is a 5th-grade student with a special education classification of OHI. Julian has made progress in his speech and language skills. He can formulate complete and grammatically correct sentences. As per his IEP, Julian is progressing satisfactorily with his Writing, Reading and Math goals. His first term report card indicated that Julian is making progress with his Reading and writing. In addition, Julian has good math problem solving skills and displays effort in the classroom. Student Interview Julian was also asked to verbally answer several questions posed by the examiner about his school and social functioning. He was also asked to complete sentences about feelings, family relationship and peer relationships. He reported good relationships with his peers and family members. He reported that he “likes school.” He reported that sometimes “homework” can be hard for him. When asked about paying attention and concentration in class, Julian responses indicated that his teachers redirect him class. He also reported that if he could have three wishes they would be: for “peace, free games and for kids never to

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