Cognitive Group Therapy Essay

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Cognitive therapy is one of the few theories that have been extensively scientifically tested and found to be highly effective in over 300 clinical trials. It focuses on the immediate or automatic thoughts the client has and how these thoughts affect their feelings and behaviors. The goal of cognitive therapy is to identify these thoughts that are poorly affecting the client. Then teach the client how to identify these automatic thoughts and how they can effectively change them. Through the very structured sessions of cognitive therapy, a client should essentially learn the tools to be their own cognitive therapist for future problems they may encounter. The therapy session will not make them an expert but they will be better prepared to …show more content…
Changing these schemas is an important goal for the therapist. Since schemas often start in childhood, the thought process of the client may reflect early errors in reasoning. This contributes to clients developing cognitive distortions. There are many common cognitive distortions that include mind reading, catastrophizing, overgeneralization, negative prediction, and many more. If these distortions are frequently used than it is possible that someone will develop a psychological disorder such as depression or anxiety. The relationship between therapist and client is collaborative and caring. Goals are set by the client with the help of the therapist. The therapy is very goal-orientated and specific. They then work together to assess and then change faulty beliefs that interfere with accomplishing these set goals. The basic goal is to remove biases or distortions that hinder the client from functioning effectively. Changing cognitive schemas can be done in three different ways; reinterpretation, modification, and restructuring. Constant assessment of the clients’ problems and cognitions is very important in evaluating if techniques are being effective. Often in the beginning there is an extensive interview process that can last several hours. This interview gives the therapist insight into the client’s past, what the current problems are, and client goals. The interview will allow the therapist to set up a structured plan for how the therapy will proceed.
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