Cognitive Impairment With Older Age

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Cognitive Impairment With Older Age Many times, we hear our older generation complain that their memory is failing. Is it really failing or is there something else causing the memory to decline? With many studies in the area of cognitive impairment during aging, it was shown that often times it the decline is due to aging, but there are signs and symptoms that those entering their older years may want to look for, as well as those who love and care for them (National Institute on Aging, 2014). Nurses need to be aware of when the elders are simply aging and if there is more to the memory lapses than just getting older. Nurses can be the eyes and ears for physician, if he or she were expecting something unusual in an aging patient, however; the nurse should not be the one raise the suspicion to the patient or loved one. First the type of cognitive impairment needs to be determined when we are looking at each aging person. As mentioned before some is due to aging, but if decline happens quickly and begins to affect the lifestyle of the patient then something may be causing the cognitive decline. There are two prominent diseases that may cause a cognitive decline, Dementia and Alzheimer’s (Alzheimer 's Association, 2016). These two have to have more medical tests to determine the extent of the disease and whether or not treatment is available. The American Psychological Association (2012) reported that the human brain does start
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