Cognitive Intervention Techniques

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When working with children and adolescents, it is imperative that professionals have a good grasp of what techniques will apply to and work best for their target population. Though there are many types of techniques that one can apply, and having access to these techniques is crucial to a client’s well-being and the quality of the practitioner, there is one cognitive-behavioral intervention technique that has stood out when working with my particular population. This technique is “Tense like a Tinman, Relax like a Rag Doll.” “Schemata develop early in life, become reinforced over time, and as a consequence of repeated learning experiences become consolidated by adolescence and young adulthood (Friedberg, 2002, p.5), thus providing an appropriate…show more content…
The reasoning for their inability to reside at home can vary, but there is a high propensity of clients who are coping with Oppositional Defiant Disorder who seek out our eight bed community residence. Beck (2011), offers readers a list of disorders that are successful treated by Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and although Oppositional Defiant Disorder is not on the list, there is a section for psychological problem that do respond well to treatment, and those include family problems, anger, hostility (p.4), all of which our youth are experiencing, thus in the end, this method may have assisted them is working through what may be symptoms of their ODD. The ODD youth in the program seem to present, of having reached a point within their families, where the families no longer feel safe having these youth in the home, families have exhausted mental, physical, emotional and monetary resources dealing with the youths behaviors, and many of these youth are facing situations with significant legal ramifications, and/or educational complexities due to the educational system not feeling capable enough to balance both these youth, parallel to those students who they must protect from the actions of our ODD clients. As a culmination of my own life experiences, it would seem that I gained the skills to be adept at working with this client…show more content…
These physical symptoms of their ODD also presents in correlation with clients yelling, screeching, and becoming verbally abusive. An outside person might experience an overload of feeling very quickly both physically and verbally intimidated and/or threatened. This is the goal of many of our ODD clients, to overwhelm you so that they do not have to live up to their threats. Many of our youth have learned that their explosiveness can get them what they want, and some clients will follow through on minor threats, as to remind everyone what they can be capable of, but the majority of these youth have “barks” much worse than their “bite,” and if done in a calm, safe and appropriate manner, one can point out particular behaviors, thus the behavior loses its grandness, and that’s when appropriate responses and behaviors between us can be established. The physical nature of ODD, the physical movements and the muscle movement that goes into an explosive episode is tiring for the client, and results in them calming down in their own time and terms. This is where the cognitive-behavior intervention “Tense like a Tinman, Relax like a rag doll” benefits these youth, and this concept with be discuss
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