Essay about Cognitive Learning and Right Brain vs. Left Brain

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Children are exceptional cognitive learners. They have the ability to observe, mimic and retain information by way of their senses. From zero months to five years of age, children are dependent on their cognitive skills to develop and learn within their environment. In my opinion, children are the prime example of the unbound potential that humans to learn. I will be discussing what cognitive learning is and how it contributes to learning and if right versus left-brain dominance impacts how we use our cognitive skills. What is cognitive learning and why is it vital to humans? Cognitive is defined by unabridged dictionary as the “mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and…show more content…
People question themselves daily on what their relative motivations are. For example, am I motivated to clean my house today? Do I really want to do my homework right now? Do I have to get out of bed? All of these are human examples of what we ask ourselves daily, and in my opinion motivationally driven. People need motivation to conceive the future of reaching goals and even just daily task. Goldberg, E., (2007) states, “Without motivation, no life challenge of any degree of complexity can successfully be met”. (pg. 1) forming the conclusion that motivation is also a key part in the learning process. Finally there is attention, attention fall under the mental processes of perception in cognitive learning. Attention is sometimes over looked because it is assumed that everyone has some level of ability to focus on one or more things. Attention is used to focus, on one or more tasks, without attention people could not finish a task or even multiple task. Goldberg, E., (2007) also states “attention is critical to the success of every human activity”. (pg.3) As you can see cognitive learning is vital to the human development due to the complex dimensions in which the brain works. Memory, Motivation, and Attention are all key elements that aid in the human development of the learning process. The brain itself is a vastly complex system that allows humans to learn,

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