Cognitive Observation

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Method & Media Used: Narrative, Pen and paper Time: Started 1.00pm Finished 1.10pm Number of Children Present: 4 Number of Adults Present: 2(including myself) Ages of children observed: 2:6 years 2:8 years 3 years 6.5 years Aim & Rationale of observation: My aim while carrying out this observation was to observe a group of children, specifically the 2nd youngest child, aged 2yrs 8 months and his cognitive response to an activity involving numeracy. The type of cognitive skill I was looking for is what cognitive developmental stage children need to be at to be able to conserve and my colleague used Piaget’s Conservation Test involving Numbers to determine this. Background Information I am using…show more content…
At this stage of development a child is more capable cognitively to conserve. Piaget considered the concrete stage a major turning point in the child's cognitive development because it marks the beginning of logical or operational thought. The child is now mature enough, cognitively, to use logical thought or operations (i.e. rules) but can only apply logic to physical objects (hence concrete operational). Children become less egocentric and better at conservation tasks. This means that the child understands that although the appearance of something changes, the thing itself does not. For example, if you take two pieces of string that are the same length and scrunch one up, a child will reply that the scrunched one is shorter, if conservation hasn't yet been reached. The other two children, aged 2.6 years and 3 years were still also in the Pre Operational Stage of development and so neither were at the cognitive development stage to enable them to conserve. Personal Learning: I found after carrying out this observation that children respond very well on a one to one basis, i.e. when the teacher was asking each individual child the questions relating to the Conservation test they all responded well and enjoyed the activity. I feel they felt they really belonged, therefore I was able to piece together the Aistear theme of Identity and Belonging
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